Black carpet beetle pest control tests

Feeding tests
Tests to determine the effect of impregnating fibres (for example with insecticides) on the feeding activity of black carpet beetle larvae are carried out in small, ventilated metal cans. The larvae are kept for 14 days on these fabrics, which are the only food source. The weight of the larvae is determined at the beginning of the experiment. The metal cans with the larvae are kept at a constant temperature and relative humidity in continuous darkness. The condition of the larvae (live, moribund, pupated, dead) is noted at the end of the test, and the weight of the surviving larvae is recorded. To check the vitality of the larvae, a control with an alternative food supply is carried out under the same experimental conditions.

Carpet beetle
Abb. 1: Larvae of the black carpet beetle (Attagenus unicolor) on a piece of white sheep’s wool.

Carpet beetle
Fig. 2: Larva the carpet beetle (Attagenus unicolor). Enlargement of the original 100-times magnified. Reference: eye of science.