Textile testing

tests comply with 194-2007 guideline of AATCC
Fig. 1: AATCC 194-2007 compliant textile test: Carpet samples are incubated with mites in plastic boxes at a defined temperature and humidity.

Our textile tests comply with the up-to-date guideline of the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC). This method is used to evaluate the effectiveness of carpets and fabrics with anti-mite properties, or to ascertain appropriate acaricide impregnation levels against dust mites. Method: carpet pieces (10 x 10 cm) are evenly sprinkled with a fixed amount of mite feed and are allowed to adopt the test conditions for a fixed acclimation period. 25 female and 25 male house dust mites are then placed on each carpet piece. Mites are allowed to multiply for 6 weeks at constant humidity and temperature levels (Fig. 1). They are then recovered by heat extraction, and all recovered individuals are counted and assigned a developmental stage. A comparison with an untreated control allows quantification of the test samples’ efficiency.