Evaluation of chemically treated textiles (functional fabrics)

Our tests conform to the up-to-date guideline (TL 8305-0331) used by the German Armed Forces, a protocol for evaluating fabrics treated with an anti-tick agent. The knockdown time, i.e. the time until a tick on the fabric is unable to walk, is measured.

Using a similar protocol developed by Insect Services, we can determine the distance a tick can walk on the fabric until knockdown occurs. Lastly we also can also determine whether or not a given fabric can be penetrated by ticks, or, in other words, whether a fabric is an effective barrier against ticks.

Prüfung der Knock Down Wirkung eines Gewebes nach TL 8305-0331
Fig. 1: Evaluation of the knock down efficacy of a fabric according to the TL 8305-0331 protocol.

Prüfung eines Stoffes auf Durchlässigkeit gegenüber Zecken
Fig. 2: Testing the efficacy of a fabric as a barrier against ticks.