Bed bugs

We test the biological effectiveness of insecticides or textiles treated with insecticides as well as of attractants and repellents with bed bugs (Cimex lectularius). Depending on the requirements of our customers, direct spray tests, distribution tests and simulated-use tests according to the valid, published test methods are used. If required, we carry out residual tests on various materials such as tiles, carpet and parquet. For this purpose, bed bugs from our own laboratory breeding without known drug resistance are available. Special breeding strains can be used if required.

Overview of test product types:

  • Testing of attractant traps and nebulizers (including steam cleaning devices)
    • Laboratory test
    • Simulated-use test (test room with e.g. a bed, Peet-Grady method)
  • Testing of insecticides (sprays, powder)
    • Direct spray test
    • Residual test on textiles and other surfaces
  • Testing of textiles
    • Textiles treated with insecticides (e.g. bed linen)
    • Permeability test against bed bugs (all stages)
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