We test insecticides, repellents, insect growth regulators (IGRs) and trap attractants for their effectiveness against fleas. The tests (direct spray test, contact or choice tests) are carried out by us according to European guidelines or US specifications. In the case of agents for environmental treatment, the effectiveness and residual effect can be tested on various materials such as tiles, carpet, wool, parquet and other surfaces. In addition, we offer tests specially developed to meet customer requirements.


The “Warm Object Bioassay” (WOB) is an in-vitro test method developed in our company for the proof of efficacy of repellents used for exposure prophylaxis in pets. A cylinder covered with wool or fur and at body temperature has an attractive effect on fleas – similar to the leg of a mammal. By treating the surface on the cylinder with a test product beforehand, its repellent effectiveness is evaluated.