We are committed to sustainability and, within the framework of the “Corporate Social Responsibility” concept, we strive to align our manner of economic activity step by step to sustainability goals.
This is based on three principles:

1) We interact fairly, honestly and transparently with customers, suppliers, business partners and competitors.

2) We aim to sustain the mental and physical health of all employees. This is fostered by sufficient heterogeneity in the workflow, a strict system of work safety and the avoidance of overtime work. Our employees participate in continuing training courses every year for their professional and personal development.

3) We strive for a sustainable and environmentally friendly use of resources. Thus, a high proportion of the electricity we use comes from 100% regenerative sources and we save energy by switching off all devices when they are not in use. We resign the use of company cars and use public transport or rental cars whenever possible. Our aim is to reduce the use of paper and plastic to a minimum. Equipment, furniture or products that are no longer needed but are still functional will be passed on or donated whenever possible.