Tick pest control tests

Fig. 1: Adult female of I. ricinus.

Fig. 2: Engorged female of I. ricinus.

We offer the following test procedures:

  • Evaluation of repellents
    • Product testing using human volunteers according to the international standards:
      • EPA Product Performance Test Guidelines OPPTS 810.3700
      • European Commission: Technical Notes for Guidance (PT18/PT19)
      • Test guidelines of the German Stiftung Warentest
    • Moving Object Bioassay (a highly standardised laboratory assay)
  • Evaluation of chemically treated textiles (functional fabrics)
    • Guideline TL 8305-0331 of the German Armed Forces
    • Evaluation of textiles as a barrier against ticks
    • Knock down efficacy testing
  • Evaluation of knock down/knock out efficacy of acaricides
    • Direct spray tests
    • Testing according to the Guideline TL 8305-0331 of the German Armed Forces
    • Residual effect tests
  • Evaluation of attractants